The core members

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albert chang


Born in Taiwan, Albert began studying piano and violin at the age of three. He moved to the United States in 1990 and graduated Cum Laude from USC Thornton School of Music in 2000, and later received the Master of Arts in Music from UCLA in 2004. During his studies, he was the recipient of the Henry Mancini Award for Composition and studied closely with the late Academy Award-winning film composer Jerry Goldsmith.

Nominated for Asian New Talent Award at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival, he had composed music for 20 films and over 100 hours of television. He is a member of BMI and the Recording Academy of Grammy.

Hong Wang

executive director

As the main musical voice behind the soundtrack for the recent TV shows “Kungfu Panda Awesomeness” and “The Legend of Korra", Hong plays a variety of Chinese folk instruments and has performed with major symphony orchestras from around the world. As the multi-instrumentalist, he has played on records by world class composers such as Tan Dun for “2000 Today” and Berlin Philharmonic.

A native of Nanjing, China, he studied composition and oboe performance at Nanjing Normal University before he moved to the U.S. in 1990. 


Guest musicians who have participated in The Pangea Project concerts.


Richie Gajate-Garcia

Born in Queens, New York, Richie is a drummer, percussionist, clinician and educator who has traveled the world and recorded with many renown artists such as Phil Collins, Sting, Diana Ross, Amy Grant, Luis Miguel, Hiroshima, and many many more. His nickname is "El Pulpo" (which means the octopus in Spanish) a nickname given to him for his unique independence and ability to play multiple percussion instruments simultaneously.

He has recorded on soundtracks to films such as " The Italian Job", "Maid in Manhattan" with Jennifer Lopez, "I-Spy" with Eddie Murphy and the classic "The Mummy Returns" with the London Symphony. 

He was voted the top Latin percussionists by his peers in the modern Drummer Reader’s Poll and one of the top Rock percussionists in DRUM! Magazine.



Born in Xinjian, China, Erken is an Uyhghurmusician with an unique fusion style of music that integrates traditional Uyghur and Spanish flamenco.

A 10-time Golden Melody Awards winner from China, Erken has released 7 albums as the singer and songwriter under Jingwen Records of Beijing. He is best known for his love songs in both Uyghur and Chinese, thus earning him the title of “Prince of Love Songs”.  Recently, He served as a judge and mentor on “The Voice of the Silk Road”, a reality singing competition TV show in China.

Blending the music traditions of his ethnicity and his new discover passions for Spanish flamenco, Erken’s particular style of music makes him a unique rising star in China.



Born in Armenia, Gyumri, Hova attended music school in 1985 at the age of 6. In 1991, he and his family moved to the United States to continue his musical studies. He started performing at age 17 and has toured around the world with Iranian singer and actress icon Googoosh and Naseer Shamma, an Iraqi oud master.

Classically trained by Hmayak Beazyan, Hova played electric and acoustic guitars until he met Armen Tiran, a composer and bassist, who recommended him to switch to bass because of his large size of hand that enables him to play the bass line, the melody, and chords simultaneously. His versatility and ability to cover a wide range make him a unique bass player.